The Crow

The Crow: Cast Glass, Taxidermy and Pate De Verre.

This guy is aptly titled, The Crow, and is made using cast Pate De Verre glass with a taxidermy crow and homemade blood.  I wanted to combine how fragile we are as humans, hence the glass making up the human element, and our weakness compared to nature, represented by the crow.  The crow has always been a powerful symbol of death, the reaper, coming for the remains, or carrion left over when we pass.  Soldiers in battle, other animals, those left behind, are all taken by these feeders on the dead.  It is the natural way of things and as humans, we are no stronger than any other part of nature, and in the end, we will all be food for the crows.  Pate De Verre is a cast glass technique using the mounding of colored frit (powdered glass), inside of a mold which is then fired at a high temp.  The blood was made using chocolate syrup, corn sugar, food coloring and flour.

_MG_0252 fixed

_MG_0255 _MG_0257 _MG_0266 _MG_0267 _MG_0271 _MG_0273 final _MG_0286


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